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Peacefully Seated in Wildness

Sidhe is an Irish-Gaelic word that can be translated as “to be seated in the deep peace and the wild wind”. When we are truly seated we are deeply ancored “in the land” where we are rooted – literally and as conscious beings. We are all seated in Gaia – the living Earth that we are part of – under the stars – centered in the heart. The deep peace is where we are when we open ourselves to true presence, when we are part of the fragrance of universal heartfulness. The wild wind is the breath of life as it blows with ever-becoming renewal. As we learn to be seated and are part of the deep peace of presence, we enter the flow of the wildness of life.

Portals and partners

SidheWisdom is the art of being Seated (“Be You”) in the Deep Peace (“Be Gentle”) and the Living Wind (“Be Wild”). It is the journey of wild awakening, where we unfold our inner Sidhe nature of magical connectedness, life-musicality and creative resonance. We reclaim our seemingly lost innocence and take our place as healing portals between worlds. We become partners with each other and beings that are not human. Especially we reconnect with our ancient relatives, the Sidhe. In this emerging partnership we weave new patterns of wholeness as we integrate our Sidhe nature with daily life. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and the miracle of life can be unleashed. SidheWisdom is to be a consciously contributing part of this journey.


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Søren Hauge has worked as a Danish Spiritual Teacher since 1981. For 30 years he worked full-time as a teacher in Theosophy and Esoteric Psychology, mostly in Scandinavia, and also engaged with interreligious dialogue. He has an MA in history of ideas and philosophy, has published 18 books and developed his own path as spiritual coach, specializing in SidheWisdom, SoulFlow healing and EnergyPsychology. Søren is a Lorian associate.

Sussie Luscinia Nielsen has been working with music, song, dance, body-therapy and spirituality for 20 years. She was trained in Life Energy Process (LEP) by Stephano Sabetti and dance therapy by Vivian Persson. She has an MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance from the University of Limerick in Ireland. She has released three CDs of songs and one of them won Danish Music Awards in 2007. Sussie also has a diploma as an Executive Spirit Coach. &